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12 December 2008

Jamboe Hijau: New Vegetarian Cafe in Ulee Kareng - Aceh Indonesia

acehnese coffeeA friend of mine just sent me an email on new Aceh coffee shop in Ulee Kareng Banda Aceh. You have to know, that The aceh coffee has special taste. He spreaded the word about a new little cafe that has opened in Ulee kareng, Aceh called Jamboe Hijau. It has yummy vegetarian food - tempe burgers are my favourite, as well as cakes and a wicked jahe soda.

Also free wi-fi and lots of little knick knacks like wild honey, pandan sandals and big pandan mats in lots of pretty colours. It's supported by EOA the environment organisation of aceh, so it also chok full of information about environmental conservation and activism. Drop in on them at No 18 Jl T Iskandar Lamreng Ulee Kareng Banda Aceh.

His email remainds me to my hang out experience in Ulee Kareng with other NGOs worker when I still be there. The venue is very popular among both local and expatriat NGO workers, it is called Solong Coffee Shop. If you have a ngo worker friend who have came back from Aceh Indonesia, he/she should know about Solong Coffee Shop.

Have you tasted this special kind of coffee?

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Unknown said...

Jamboe Hijau Has Moved!

We are now located at:

Jln. Malikul Saleh, Ds. Neusu Aceh
Neusu - Banda Aceh

Telp. 0821.6951.8575

judi bola said...

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