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21 November 2008

Indonesia, The State With Multi Party System. Is It Effective?

multy party systemAs long as Indonesia history, this state have had multy party system since at the beginning of its independence. As the first general election in 1955, all of the party born and the process was admitted as the most democratic general election in Indonesia. The election was taken place 10 years after Indonesia declared it independence in 17th of August 1945. Four top political party was born through this period, those parties were: Masyumi, PNI, NU and PKI. The periode was glorious era for Indonesia parties within parliamentary state system. Nevertheless, multy party system did not working properly. The parties failed in accomplish their function, it caused the cabinet form and collaps in short time and national development no progress.

In New Order era, especially after general election 1971, the government regulated party system to be simpled in number by fused all of party to became three parties in 1973. Golkar, PDI and PPP are the three party in Indonesia until the 1997 general election. It was happen in former Soeharto's power, a second president of Indonesia.

Since 1999 or in current reformation era, Indonesia set back to multyparty system and have taken place general election for two times. Each general election was participated by both new and old party. For next coming general election 2009, Indonesia has no less than 44 political parties that will participate. It is confusing people to use their right to elect, which one party is better? Effectiveness is a crucial question since there are no different spirit of most of the parties. In my mind, multyparty system just divide voter or ballot, it is lead to divide the major passion into several groups (party). We don't know which one party is serious as a party and representing people in parliament and which one party is established just to get political position to gain personal or group profit and interest. My conclusion is multyparty system only makes voter to be divided and somehow there is no awareness about this, but who want to know? this is democracy, right? Maybe my opinion is worse than regulation maker opinion.

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