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21 November 2008

New Background Theme of Google Mail

New Background Theme of Google MailThis night, when I signed out from google mail (gmail), new background theme welcome me. Aha! Fantastic, it looks so nice and fresh, a mountain view "say hello" for me. Then I tried to type at new tab page, the new theme didn't appear. Just logged in and logged out again, I met new theme again. Hmm.. I think the the just appear on the first page after log out.

It wondered me, was that theme appear randomly? so, I tried and tried. Only the same theme appeared at the page. Then I tried to sign in and sign out by using IE6 ( in advance I used Firefox, but there was no theme appear in both page. Do you know why?

For all that, google has brought new change for its user. I myself admitted google innovation in cyber world (internet), but I also read fidgety of internet user society that google will dominate internet technology entirely since google released their products and services progressively such as google search engine, google maps, chrome, adsense, adword, webmaster, gmail, googlepages etc. Most of that services are free. Besides, google also acquired some internet services such as blogger and feedburner. It is realize why internet expert community face fidgety, hopes google not growth and endanger their jobs. Will you google?

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