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07 June 2009

Good Reference on Neoliberalism

story of neoliberalismSince next coming president election to be held in Indonesia, neoliberalism has become sexiest issues among the candidates to againts each other. Somehow, the candidates debating it when general election for president and each of them claim that they are the true. Is it neoliberalism debates is only to gain voter sympathetic?

This article is not to judge who is the true, but to tell you where you may lear on neoliberalism and where you can get good information about history of neoliberalism. That's are an ebook entitled A Brief History of Neoliberalism that written by David Harvey and published by Oxford. I think the book is good to open our mindset about neoliberalism thought and it's brief of history.

As I quoted a sentence from the book, hope you know my opinion on. Thats are: "neoliberalism is recognized as a failed utopian rhetoric masking a successful project for the restoration of ruling-class power, the more the basis is laid for a resurgence of mass movements voicing egalitarian political demands and seeking economic justice, fair trade, and greater economic security."

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Dana Telco said...

Boleh juga nih, soale banyakan teriak-teriak neolib tanpa tahu apa dan bagaimana neolib itu sebenarnya.


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