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22 December 2008

Al Zaidi Condition Discussion On Facebook

al zaidi status conditionMuntazer (Muntadar) Al Zaidi have been coming a new popular freedom icon in the world, especially in Arabic region. He have more than 38,000 fans on Al Zaidi Facebook and they discuss on him condition at Muntadar al-Zaidi (The Shoe Thrower) discussed al-Zaidi's Current Status on their Facebook discussion board since George W. Bush thrown by Al Zaidi with shoes at him face and lead him to under security custody untill now.

The discussion not talk only on Al Zaidi individually, but also about share opinion on US occupation in Iraq generally. This discussion followed by people around the world freely without any censors. Even the admin claim his/her nick name as Muntadar al-Zaidi (The Shoe Thrower), it is easy to guess that he/she is a fans oh Al Zaidi.

"The discussion forum we're opening to discuss information on Al-Zaidi's current status. As many of you know, there have been reports of beatings, broken bones, torture, etc, and we'd like to try to get them all straightened out here. Please post your information and your sources so that we can watch over Brave Shoe-Lobber Muntadar", the admin said.

In public opinion, Al Zaidi got viciously beaten after being taken into custody, according to a police officer who accompanied him to prison and also according to medias report.

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