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03 December 2008

Career Women. How to Treat This Fact?

career womenIn my mind, there is no problem about career women. Nowadays, career women is not a new issue for us. It grows coincide with human rights issue, especially women rights issue, not only in Indonesia but also around the world. Respecting to career women is a must.

But this fact is faced to some problem such as cultural and belief among community in all countries. It has different concept and perception about women and their career. In eastern country, respecting to career women grows slowly. It is caused by religion and cultural matter.

For developed country career women also triggers low population number. The state faced to lower birth since women postpone their plan to be a mother and reach higher position in career. This is a such dilemma for career woman issue.
Finally, however, we must respect to career women because they will support for human development and family wealth.

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