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04 December 2008

Global Financial Crisis Effect To Google Adsense Earning

Global Financial Crisis and Google Adsense EarningIt will terrible when the crisis strikes adsense business and your earning wings down decrease. If you're a adsense publisher, you should analyze this situation in order to defend in your online business. Perhaps, your Adsense earning does not affected by the global financial crisis yet, as I hope so. But, many reliable source states that the crisis will affect all sector in the middle of the next year (2009) and APEC has assured the world that the global financial crisis can be quelled in 18 months (2010).

It means up to 2010, the economic recession will scare us, unpredicable and we should prepare to face this situation. When your earning traffic from adsense is lower than ever in that period (eventhough your visitor traffic and click are increase), you should understood that the major causal is the crisis because
the global financial crisis is supposed to affect Google on a large scale. When Google acts as a intermediary connecting advertisers and websites, this world economic crisis is expected to hurt this search engine giant badly. Many advertiser will postpone or reduce their money expend for advertising as the impact of the crisis.

I'm sure that adsense earning from product consumer blog or website will decrease since both consumer and advertiser are become economical in use their money and high competition will strike all of publisher. Tips for publisher to pass this crisis are keep update your blog or website to defend in this high competition and do post an article that will invite non-consumer product ads into your blog or website except you are sure that topic is not affected by global financial crisis. From now on, observe your earning from adsense, at least you should observe it in the three next month. If you have a different idea or opinion, please share here.

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