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28 March 2009

Indonesia General Election 2009, Howly?

In less than next one month, Indonesia will take a place for general election. April 9th 2009 is the day for Indonesian to put their vote for legislative and senate (DPD) member. Right now (when I write this post), is open campaign phase and will be ended at April 5th 2009. Then the election will be continued to election for a president.

It is a something boring to hear the legislative, party or senate candidates promises. Somehow, they are so easy to promise the change and cool wind about everything to the voter. I believe, that are only for the ballot and make them win, not something that a capable thing they can to do.

Their banner, sticker, pin, street banner, flag, leaflet, name card, etc are spray out into public area and make the public space so narrow and limited. Street, radio, wall, pole, internet, mobilephone, vehicle, tree, building, etc have been conversed to be their space to campaign. Even though, attacking the campaign rule is done without feel a guilt. Almost people still doubt that this year general election in Indonesia will not bring a change. Everything still as it was before the election. I myself, do not intereted attending the campaign, even I don't know, will I get a voter card or not. But, I must use my right to elect the best candidate. It is a must, even I dont know who.

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