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27 May 2009

Facebook and Politic Interest

Facebook popularity has threat the ruler of some country. Freedom of expression through facebook makes everyone can say everything such as hobby, science, politic, issues, education, business, etc. But, sometime the freedom has touched on (indicated) sensitive political issues in its user countries. Iran for the example, general election moment has become sensitive issue in facebook since the president candidates use facebook to spread their message and some media released that the incumbent (Ahmadinejad) has called for a ban on Facebook during the country's presidential election.

In Indonesia, facebook is also used to express its Indonesian members on their politic expression. Currently, Indonesia is still in general election fase and waiting for the next election for the next president. I have seen in some facebook group, there were different expression about political message has been spread out. Pro, contra, support, hate, etc is typed by user. Even, a TV station displayed facebook member expression on politic in their broadcast. For a politician, Facebook is also useful to campaign. As Barrac Obama did, facebook helped him very much to get support and then win the last United Stated president election.

As I monitored, facebook brings a new method for all to expression and to influnce the other, but facebook also bring conflict and problem. I think the problem is not caused by facebook itself, but by its user. How to use it and what for. I heard that facebook is related to jewish youth organization and support Israel to fight my brother and sister in Palestine, but I can not condemt it because the problem not caused by facebook itself. How come I say:" Go to hell facebook" meanwhile many my brother and sister are member of facebook. My principle is, if you are believe that facebook is bad, so leave it and if you believe that facebook is useful, take it. My conclusion is, whatever media being in internet, it is depend on to you to use it. When you use with a good faith, other people will be helped. For my self, facebook is still useful eventhough I'm seldom to maintain my account there.

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