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02 May 2009

Medical Alarm for Your Lovely Person

medical alarmImagine when your parents or grandparent live alone at home. I’m sure you have prepared everything for their comfortable activity at home. But, are you sure that they can do something or self help emergency action when they fall down and say “Help…help me..” meanwhile no one around them to help?. The same condition not only at home, but also every where they do their activity outdoor.

You need to ensure everything is going well, especially related to your parents or grandparents. Now, Brick House Alert brings you Fall Alert as a medical alarm to detect who wear it. This device is a good technology protection product for your lovely persons with potential to fall down, e.g caused their old age. Fall Alert will send an alert to Brick House Security Desk in 24/7 if the user suddenly falls down, even the user can not push an emergency button.

The same related product with medical alarm function is GPS Tracking Bracelet. It may used like as a cell phone and suitable for an wander Alzheimer to found them. With medical alarm product, you may help to pay extra help attention without reduce their independence, nor their privacy. Learn more about other medical alarm product at their official website and read testimonial from satisfied customer to make sure you are not in wrong option before you buy it for your lovely parents or grandparents.

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