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01 June 2009

Bxserv: My Friend's IT Company. Great!

My Philippines friend has an IT business solution company and I'm proud of because since I know him, he always consistent in his way to be an expert in IT. I do not know the story how did he build his company but I'm sure it is the best IT company in Philippine. Hope you success friend and thanks for your help so far. Below, I quoted your text in your email for me.

Bxserv.com is a online Philippines based company that provides consultancy services on solutions using free and open source software (FOSS). We specialize in providing support and development for FOSS. We also provide an low-cost affordable web hosting to our client ranging from Personal to business website. We also provide website development using Joomla and other Content Management System.

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Buzz said...

Congrats to your friend and his company! :D You're really lucky to have such a smart buddy. Give him my best wishes with his job!

- Buzz

Nanang said...

@Buzz, I will, but I think he will read this post and your comment soon. Thanks

RJ Ian S. Sevilla said...

wow thanks for the post.. hehehe im still on developing the site,

Nanang said...

@RJ Ian S. Sevilla, Ha ha ha, and then you come to read about yours


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