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03 June 2009

Free Prita Mulyasari!

prita mulyasari versus Omni hospital international case. Support the case for free of pritaPrita Mulyasari is a 32-year old mother of two who was charged for defamation of the Omni International Hospital in Alam Sutra, Serpong, Tangerang, West Java, Indonesia. She has been in detained in the Tangerang Women’s Penitentiary since May 13, 2009, and is facing a maximum six years of jail time or Rp 1 billion (about US$100,000).

She had written an email to a mailing list complaining about the service that the hospital gave while she was ill in August last year. In the email she gave a chronology of the service provided her by the hospital, and that she had sent a written complaint to the Omni Hospital Management and was received by a Customer Service Coordinator. However instead of providing Prita with a complaints receipt, the Customer Service Coordinator gave her a suggestion receipt.

Her email was forwarded by friends to other mailing lists and addresses and caught the attention of the hospital. The hospital then wrote a reply and took out an ad in the local newspaper. Later, it charged Prita with defamation.

Read the case position bellow..


• Remove clauses on defamation in the criminal code as it is often misused to silence the right to speak
• Prita Mulyasari’s complaint towards Omni International Hospital cannot be charged with Clause No. 27 item (3) of the Information and Electronic Transaction Law
• Prita Mulyasari’s complaint is secured by Law No. 8 Year 1999 on Consumers’ Rights
• Omni International Hospital should use its RIGHT TO ANSWER, and not prosecute Prita Mulyasari with criminal and civil action for complaints made in mailing lists and letters to editors.

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Surya said...

=>Public trial. Public judgement.
Does trial must be controlled under public?

Does a truth decided by public?

Does everyone may accuse everybody with absolutely freedom???

Is that an "civil society"?
Is that you said as a "reformed" community ???

It's not an objective actions. There is certainly "SARA", discriminative race & religion issues used in the actions.

Another victims, minority Kho Seng Seng & Winny does not receive the same action.

In Indonesia:
*(medical) doctor expected to be an angel. Must be perfect. He/she is only a human.
*Police expected to be an angel. He/she is only a human.

No objectivities at all. All resources come from Prita's side.


All they need is "COMMUNICATION".

It's wrong for doctor not to inform patient well.

It's wrong for a patient to accuse (law impact) prior to get complete explanations.

Prita wrote her email under emotional memories. It's absolutely not wise, not good.

Both are true, both are wrong. Please be objective then we are a big nation.

Nanang said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Nanang said...

I have re-commented above comment here, but I moved it to: Please read it.

Anonymous said...


"Kita tidak berbicara siapa yang akan kemudian bertanggung jawab terhadap pembuatan ...(BAP),yang penting, tapi siapa yang harus bertanggung jawab mereka yang melakukan tindakan pidana (PRITA). Saya berikan apresiasi kepada jaksa tersebut!!"

Anonymous said...

I read Prita's email that has caused a burning rage for Omni Hospital and all the doctors stated in the email.

This case reminds me a very typical Health Care mistreatment and very unsatisfied customers.

Prita has been too kind to complain her anger only over the email, while she can sue the Hospital for the malpractice and possible treatment discrimination and win the case with flying color.

We are the alliance to free speech worldwide. If Prita need all financial and legal support to win this case, please send us your request (confirm please to this email). We are fully supportive to find your justice.

Anonymous said...

I suggest for Omni Hospital to back off from this case and settle the issue outside the court with Prita. Prita would not start her email if she is satisfied with your service to begin with. Solving this issue in the court is a Public Relation suicide to Omni Hospital. And can be costly. Many people put their sympathy to Prita and they will support her financially to win her case. Why bother?


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