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07 June 2009

Why I Do Support Prita Mulyasari Case?

support for prita mulyasari caseA visitor of this blog has left his comment on my posting entitled Free Prita Mulyasari. I think he try to effort every one to be an objective in view the case. I agree that, but I would also to share my opinion why I do support Prita case and re-comment his comment.

I think our support action is clear. We condemn the law and its application. Not doctor, lawyer or police as mentioned in his comment. I have read Prita email and as a law graduated, I met there is no an serious insult.

Please notice, I support her is not because she is an Indonesian, a women or what, but because I feel the ETI Act provision spirit and treatment are not respect to freedom of expression, freedom of speech. I'm a law graduated and also a blogger, so I feel how this law threat of my freedom.

Yes, this is civil society action because our respect to freedom of personal without based on race, religion, sex or what. I don't know who is Prita personally, but I know she is a person who want to express about her in internet where I also often do the same.

Another victims, minority Kho Seng Seng & Winny does not receive the same action because none know about their story. If their share their story to all, I'm sure they will get support as well. And, please keep in mind, I support the case not person.

Yes, you are right. Wee need a doctors, we need a polices, we need a lawyers, etc and etc. But, in this case we do not tell that we do not need they all. Right?.

All of us need a communication, I'm absolute agree. But, in OMNI International Hospital versus Prita Mulyasari case the communication is closed once Prita can't access her medical record upon hospital closure.

If both of prita and the hospital are true and wrong, why only prita is jailed?

To know why I write that all above is because bellow my beloved comment. I quoted his comment here:

Public trial. Public judgement. Does trial must be controlled under public? Does a truth decided by public? Does everyone may accuse everybody with absolutely freedom??? Is that an "civil society"? Is that you said as a "reformed" community ???

It's not an objective actions. There is certainly "SARA", discriminative race & religion issues used in the actions. Another victims, minority Kho Seng Seng & Winny does not receive the same action.

In Indonesia:
*(medical) doctor expected to be an angel. Must be perfect. He/she is only a human.
*Police expected to be an angel. He/she is only a human.

No objectivities at all. All resources come from Prita's side. WE NEED DOCTORs. WE NEED POLICEs. All they need is "COMMUNICATION". It's wrong for doctor not to inform patient well. It's wrong for a patient to accuse (law impact) prior to get complete explanations. Prita wrote her email under emotional memories. It's absolutely not wise, not good. Both are true, both are wrong. Please be objective then we are a big nation.

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