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19 June 2009

I Love "The King of New York"

Madagascar 2 (Escape 2 Africa) became my family since it's story so excellent. I myself, my son and daughter love it so much because we follow the story since Madagascar (first part). Madagascar 2 is the story where Alex, the king of New York, meet his dad and mom in Africa. You will understand also why Alex be in New York Zoo (if you watch the first part). By watch it first part also, you will follow the story easily. It's story simple enough and easy to understand, specially for the children.

The "i like to move it move it" soundtrack song so nice to hear as you can hear also in first part. Different than the first part, Madagascar 2 scene brings you to the nature, madagascar and africa. No town, no building and no people crowded. Good animation and funny story makes us lot of laugh. If you would like to watch this movie, I suggest you to watch it first part first. Then you will feel the beat spirit of: "I like to move it move it you like too?" fully with the king "Alex" of New York and friends.

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