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09 June 2009

Western Union Will Dominate Google Adsense Payment

As released by Inside Adsense Team today, Western Union Quick Cash is availble as Google Adsense payment method to seven new countries. That are Barbados, Bolivia, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Nepal, Uruguay, and Vietnam.

I think this payment method is number one payment method for all of Google Adsense Publisher arround the world. With Western Union, you will receive your earnings sooner, since you won't have to wait for checks to arrive in the mail or clear at the bank. Plus, AdSense will not charge you a fee to use this payment method. Hmm... Western Union will dominate Google Adsense payment shortly. The strange is only free bank transfer if Google Adsense realized this possibility. Somedays maybe...

Compare with Western Union Quick Cash, Check payment method needs a long time to cash your money and charge yours too. You also need an bank account in order to monetize the check. Good luck to all my publisher brother in those seven country. Enjoy your money as soon as possible when your earning is issued by Google Adsense.

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Dana Telco said...

Sure, it will dominate because much easier compare to check paid.


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