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16 July 2009

Quake and Tsunami Predicted on July 22 2009 is an Hoax

Tsunami Prediction is HoaxA friend of mine send email to me this morning that contains the pdf file in attachment. He inform about of Quake and Tsunami Predicted on July 22 2009. He only forwad that email to me, but he did not mention from which source.

For those who live by the beach, especially in the area of potential earthquake and tsunami, of course, the issue is interesting for me. Fear to earthquake and tsunami occurred in the area or island where I live as if appears.

Here is the content of the email attachment:

Hello there. I just wanted to let you know that please stay away from the beaches all around in the month of July. There is a prediction that there will be another tsunami or earthquake hitting on 22 July 2009. It is also when there will be sun eclipse. Predicted that it is going to be really bad, and countries like Malaysia (Sabah & Sarawak), Singapore, Maldives, Australia, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia, the Philippines are going to be badly hit. Please try and stay away from the beaches in July. Better to be safe than sorry. Please pass the word around. Please also pray for all beings.
But, I do not easily believe since there are myriads of the news on the Internet is an hoax, I immediately check their accuracy in Snopes.com. The result, Snopes.Com said that the news is indeed truly hoax. Claim is stated FALSE by Snopes.com. Therefore, you who live in the area mentioned by the above quote does not need to worry.

I live in the west sumatera Indonesia, where this area is predicted will occur the tsunami after the tsunami to reach the 200 years cycle. This cycle is estimated to have entered it's phase now. That the tsunami in Aceh, other south east asia region, south asia and some of africa
region have occurred in December 2004 years ago.

To read the rebuttal Snopes.com, you can read it here: Tsunami Prediction is Hoax

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