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08 July 2009

Results of Indonesia Presidential Election 2009

Indonesia Presidential Election 2009Today (8 July 2009), Indonesian is conducted a Indonesia presidential direct election. From various quick count that conducted by the survey institutions, television stations and political parties, candidate Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) - Boediono win in this election. Almost all the quick count of place SBY Boedione as the winner. Meanwhile, Megawati, Prabowo and Wiranto, Jusuf Kalla far behind. With voice revenue of more than 50%, almost is not there for the second round presidential election in Indonesia in 2009 year.

This information will continue to grow because the manual has not yet begun. All the people are awaiting results of Indonesia presidential election 2009. The process of voting is also faster than later legislative election a few weeks ago. Meanwhile, some cheating and breach of the election are still there.

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