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27 July 2009

Writing a Book, Please Share With Me

writing a bookI'm currently have a responsibility as a book author with two other people. This book is for the office where I work at this time. Among the authors, only one person working in the organization where I work, that is my own. The other is the expert who deliberately invited to become a member of the team authors. This is the first experience for me to write a book so it was quite confusing for me when thinking of where to start this job. Two other members of the team, waiting for me because we have agreed that the initial plan and preparation is arranged by me.

The writing of this book is ultimately delayed for so long. I feel the pretension of my self that the work must be done perfectly. In my mind, writing books is not as easy as writing a blog, which takes planning and data mature enough. Moreover, this is should be done together in a team. I realize it all, but I should be. If not, I'll never be able to author forever. This is the opportunities for me in the development of self and abilities.

For that, I originally requested the information from acquaintances that her/his institution had published a book. But they do not have documentation of a book writing process at their institutions. After the question extensively, I still do not get the information I expected. Finally, I return to the Google search engine and search for articles and information relating to the stages in writing a book. So far, the information that I get almost satisfactory. I must add my own creativity to complete and make that information to be useful. I still keep waiting for information from anyone. If you are experienced in writing the book, please share with me. I will be very grateful.

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