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05 February 2012

Get Rich With The Right Ways

Get Rich With The Right Ways
The fact that everyone in this world requires the property to satisfy their daily needs. Therefore, all vying for gain and control of resources as much as possible. Wealth is also a person's social identity in the community and who mean the most prosperous people who succeed in life. Because of this competition, of course, there are successful and some are not. Anyone managed to become wealthy by coincidence, inheritance, luck or because of his hard work. People who fail does not mean because they do not try hard, but can also be determined by luck.

For the wise, wealth is not a life goal, but only a means to make ends meet and share with others. But unfortunately many are making a wealth as a purpose in life and get caught up in ways that are not honest to get it. Dishonest manner for example by way of cheating, corruption, theft, or in other ways that no good. It is deeds and not understanding correctly, harm and damage the social order. Do not ever get caught for making a fortune as a purpose in life, but to get in wealth could do better for the people around you.

Do not be jealous of other people's wealth more than you. As long as you have enough to feed families and their daily needs and have no debt, then you are rich. If you want to be obsessed with the rich, go for it honestly. Wealth gained by dishonesty will not that make your life happier and unseen. To what an abundance of wealth if you are not still feeling as if one is going to prosecute you or your property are also feeling guilty for having hurt other people or society. Distinguish also what your needs are and what your life is to be desired. Needs of has its limits, while the desire there will be no limit. If today you want a car, after that you will want to have a luxury car, after that a private yacht, after that the private jet and so on.

This is all just my personal thoughts only, you may agree or not because you are your own life. I also want to be rich, but do not want to get it by the wrong way and hurt others. I want to be rich in a way that is feasible and useful for people who are around me. I do not want wealth to rule my life, but I want to determine to what that property if I've got it.

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