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26 April 2008

7 Tips to Strengthening Your Brain (Part 1)

I just translated this article from Indonesia into English. You may get original source of this article at image jakarta blog. When I visited the blog, I found this interesting stuff and try to translated by myself.
Brain StrengtheningHave you ever seen someone who without hard effort to learn new concept and material while the other people must struggling? Napoleon Bonaparte could tell and remember a thousand his troops who loyal to him.
A chess world champion can recall a championship that has passed away many-many years ago. Sometime it wondering me, how the longhair done.

Part of them was born with above the common IQ, meanwhile not the same for the other. But fortunately, there are some technical tips to help you in learn quickly, better way, and begin to pervade an information like a spons.

There are 7 tips as the place how to start. That is:

1. Teach other

2. Write an article.

3. Start Blogging.

4. Keep your body well.

5. Learn with your five senses.

6. Improve your motivation.

7. Learning while sleep.

For next explanation about each above tips, please visit: 7 Tips to Strengthening Your Brain (Part 2)

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