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25 November 2008

7 Tips to Strengthening Your Brain (Part 2)

Brain StrengtheningThis article is continuance posting of previous article entitled
7 Tips to Strengthening Your Brain (Part 1). Bellow are tips to do Brain Strengthening.

1. Teach Another.
If there is something do you want to learn, try also to teach another as well.
Traditional learned process will help you to understand about an idea, but teaching something to another else makes you really understand on concept and how to implement it. To teach somebody else, you should anticipate a possibility prompted question and understand the topic from different view mindset. Teaching another will dramatically enhance you understanding.

2. Write an Article.
It is easy to leaning something from a book, but it is will different if you have to write an article on a topic. If you do want be an expert in a topic do you chose, write a book on that topic. It will make you possible to track some new aspect from an object that you learn. By writing, you will connect it with the ideas that you have known and create a knowledge network.

3. Start blogging.
Start blogging that tell your experiences will improve your learned process. Write a blog makes you step to backward and then step again to the front to writing in order make another understand on your experiences. If you want improve your brain strength to the next level, I suggest you to start writing on your own blogging. Writing on a blog will be something interesting intellectually also will be a brain stimulant activity.

4. Keep your body fit and healthy.
While you try to improve your leaning speed, you should ensure that you feed your brain as well. Brain is part of body that needs much energy and oxygen in order to gain high and efficient function. In a learning process you should feed and care on you body in order process maximized. The purposes are, you should:
* Get food regularly in order to keep your blood glucose in high level.
* Sport in everyday.
* Do relaxation in some minute everyday.
* Get sleep not less than seven hour everyday.
* Drink much water.
* Take a lunch in less portions. Much portion for a lunch pretends to make people sleepy, prefer to a fresh discussion lunch instead of much portions.

5. Learn with you senses.
While somebody else learn with a different way, we began learning process by look at a picture and interpreting it to be an idea. From a pictorial book, we try to learn by use a sense for sight.
When you have to understand on something quickly, the sense of sight will help you to make an imagination on a topic at your brain.

Draw also on a paper. You could draw everything, a table, a graphic, or just a time flow. Then add an image at your mind while you are learning and create the picture simultaneously in your mind while you are thinking. It had better if you don't limit your self by a visual image. Please learn with all of your five human senses.

As an example, if you want to learn on Buenos Aires, the best way have to do are get a trip to there, explore that town, take a tango dance course, enjoy its origin culinary and speak with a local people. You do not learn anything yet without you exercise itself in your life. Involve in a
lesson learned through a touch, sight, earning, and smiling.

6. Improve your motivation .
Improvisation is a tool to enhance remember ability. Try to think about a students who stay up and study all night in order to prepare their self for an exam at school in the tomorrow morning. They have a high motivation because they study in advance and now they must save much information in a night. They could understand the material overbearingly on behalf their motivation. Absolutely, is caused they ought to. This motivation makes learning process running in high level.

If you are no longer a student who getting used to suspend but you still in your way to motivate your self, try with an award. If you create an award system, you will learn sooner as an anticipation to gain the award. As a sample, if you learn or do a work to understand on a pieces subject, you might give the your self award to go to a shop, play a video game or watch your favorite TV program. Create the kind of motivation that suitable for you.

7. Learn while you sleep.
Don't it is very beautiful to spend your bed time while learn on something by push the "play" button of a CD player? Of course. Unfortunately, a research that taken by a university report that it is impossible to do if you are in a deep sleep. But, a fact shows that you could do learn at a light sleep, a condition where you on your way to a deep sleep.

It is important to remember that the materials that you hear no more than a fact, date, vocabulary and another soft material. You couldn't learn hard material at you light sleep phase.
Lately, a research in Germany discovers that electrical stimulation utilization at certain phase in a bed time could enhance people ability to remember a fact.

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I come from Padang Sago, the high land in Padang Pariaman... :p

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