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22 November 2008

ISS Governance and Democracy Post Graduate Program, I Will Come!

ISS The Institute of Social Studies (ISS) is prestigious high education institution in the Netherlands that offers a program of studies leading to a Masters degree in Development Studies. With a strong focus on training in the theory and methods relevant to development studies, the MA Program aims to equip graduates to apply new insights in policy analysis in a practical context. The ISS MA Degree in Development Studies is widely recognized and provides eligibility for entry to PhD programs in the Netherlands and other countries worldwide.

Right now I'm in my way to get a scholarship support to continue my study at ISS. Enrolling to Governance and Democracy program study at ISS is my passion. As an NGO employee in good ngo governance and civil society development issues, this program is suitable for me. This specialization examines key concepts of governance and democracy in the context of globalization, giving students a greater comprehension of how the processes of governance, markets and democracy interact with those of participation, accountability, representation, and of civil and human rights. The specialization focuses on applying theories and principles of improving governance and democracy across a spectrum of issues, including accountability, inclusive democracy, combating corruption and enforcing the rule of law. Furthermore it looks at the role of the private sector, middle classes and organized labor during national reform processes. In this way the specialization analysis the various responses to the problems of globalization, from attempts to establish global governance to the rise of anti-globalization movements. Visit the official website:

ISS argues that the students will become familiar with the way such concepts as governance and democracy, institutional reform, capacity building, accountability and power are understood. They will be able to critically analyze current reform efforts, and become familiar with different theories on how reform and change take place. Hunting and hunting every opportunity and information in order gain scholarship grant and submit an application for competition is my challenges. ISS, welcome me warmly!.

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