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16 December 2008

$1 Million On Behalf Of Child Protection

child and technologyEnsure that your underage children do not store their personal information in any site. Save your children from this prior hazard potential to invite a crime which the children as the target. Many criminal case has begun from this action and their parent does not consent what their children did.

Even a reliable site, such as Sony illegally also stores underage children information without parent consent. Sites with social networking features, like any web sites, need to get parental consent before collecting kids' personal information and state should guarantee through official law regulation provisional.

This week, US Federal Trade Commission has charged Sony Music Entertainment (Sony BMG is now Sony Music Entertainment Inc.) to pay $ 1 million that because it improperly collected and disclosed personal information on thousands of children under 13 without their parents' consent.

As reported by ASSOCIATED PRESS, The FTC said Sony Music, which operates more 1,000 music sites for its music artists and labels, "knowingly collected personal information from at least 30,000 underage children without first obtaining their parents' consent" on 196 of its sites.

The FTC order requires Sony Music to delete all personal information collected and maintained in violation of the rule. For the next five years, Sony also must provide links to FTC consumer education materials on those Web sites that fall under the Children's Online Privacy act - including those that target or collect personal information on children.

The FTC's complaint was filed in federal court in New York Wednesday afternoon. The settlement was submitted for the court's consideration at the same time.

I don't know whether Sony stores underage children information from outside of US and required to delete it all since FTC issued the penalty base on US Children's Online Privacy act. Hope Sony has a good faith to delete it as well.

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