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13 December 2008

7 Steps to Plan Community Development Program

Community Development ProgramImplementation of community development activity can be done through determination of a development program or project. Briefly, the community development can be done through 7 planning steps, that are:

1. Problem Formulation
Empowerment is conducted based on problem or need of local communities. Some issues are usually handled by empowerment is related to the poverty, unemployment and education. Problem formulation is carried out through a research activity, group discussion, village meeting, etc.

2. Determination The Program
After the problems can be identified and agreed as a priority that need to be solved immediately, the next step is formulation the program to solve the problems.

3. Purpose Formulation
To ensure that the program could be implemented properly and it's success indicators are measureable, it is need to formulate what are the purposes of the determined program. The good goals has a clear and specific characteristic, so that, it reflect on how to achieve the objective purposes within available budget, time and labor.

4. Target Group Determination
The target groups are people who will to be improved their life quality through a determinated program

5. Source Identification and Implement Labor
Source is something that can be used to support the activity of program, including facilities, budget source and, human resources.

6. Strategy and activity schedule Determination
Strategy is a way or method that possible to be used to implement activity program

7. Monitoring and Evaluation
Monitoring and evaluation is (atau will be) conducted to monitoring the progress and result of the program implementation. Whether the program could be accomplished based on activity chedule and strategy? Whether the program has achieved it's result accordance with the determined purpose?

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