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08 December 2008

Empowerment Methodology For NGO

Empowerment Methodology For NGOAs an NGO worker, it is essential thing to know on the empowerment methodology because empowerment is core spirit that should bring into beneficiaries community. Community Empowerment Coleticve Empowerment describes that empowerment methodology is built on several core principles:

1. While assistance can be offered, it should not be charity assistance which promotes depend-ency and weakness, but partnership, assistance, and training that promotes self reliance and in-creased capacity (ability, power and strength).

2. Recipient organisations or communities should not be controlled or forced into change. Rather, professionals trained as activists or mobilisers should intervene with stimulation, infor-mation, and guidance.

3. Organisms become stronger by exercising, struggling, and facing adversity. Empowerment methodology incorporates this principle for social organizations.

4. Hands-on participation by the recipients, especially in decision-making, is essential for their increase in capacity.

5. From the beginning, our goals should include the participants taking full control, exercising full decision-making, and accepting full responsibility for the actions which will lead to their increased strength.

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