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06 December 2008

Happy International Volunteer Day: 5th December 2008

international volunteer dayHappy International Volunteer Day: 5th December 2008! Yesterday (5th December) was annual International Volunteer Day celebration. As a volunteer, I Proud to be part of global volunteer sphere. Involve to help other borderless around the world to be better, bring a spirit, hope, solidarity and peace for human being.

You can involve, too. Many organization and community whole the world waiting for you contribution. You do not required to present physically into a host community or organization when it is impossible thing for you. Simply joint to online volunteering website community such as United Nation Online Volunteering or Nabuur. Find there what you can do based on your capacity and expertize. Choose one of myriads volunteering vacancy that posted by host organization. You can also find up volunteer vacancy on organizational website directly if you are sure and well know on an organization.

Do a useful contribution as same as real site present volunteer by to be an online volunteering, without must to leave your lovely family, work or homeland. You should only sacrifice a little of your time, thought and internet quota. And then be borderless volunteer, borderless helper for those whom need you. Satisfy
your self by satisfy the other because in volunteering you will feel and gain solidarity, peace, hope and good spirit for your life and human being in generally.

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