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02 December 2008

A Memory of Solferino: The Great Witnesseth of Classic War

A Memory of Solferino bookIf you interested in true great and classic war story (from 19th century) that ever happen in the world, A Memory of Solferino (Un Souvenir de Solférino) is good reading for you. This story based on Jean Henry Dunant Witnesseth on three party war in middle European between Franco-Sardinian Army (allied army) versus Austrian Empire in Solferino, a lower land in Lambordi province, northern of Italy.

In the book, Dunant tells us that the great battle caused more than thousand of troops died, injured without proper medical treatment. The medical unit failed carry out their duty because no universal medical tool/sign or uniform to indicated that they were a neutral party, recognize or admitted by all of hostile parties and should treat as non military target.

The allied army won this war after the war uproar for 15 hours since at 3 am, Friday 24th of June 1859.
About 300.000 troops crowded the 24 km war line area. Unrespectful treatment suffered by wounded army. The wounded and killed army reach number 20.000, 1566 high military officer, 9 general and some of marshal.

In the next two month, the number increased since medical treatment and sanitation were so bad. The cold weather also exacerbate the situation.

Henry Dunant noticed his idea on international humanitarian organization and recognized by all of coutry whole the world. He also noticed on some principles for this organization to ensure it works properly.

World wide recognized that international red cross and red crescent movement founded based on this book inspiration. Henry Dunant is also granted as founding father of this humanitarian movement.

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