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01 January 2009

About Setting India On Fire

About Setting India On Fire I am wondering whether below article just a hoax or true story in India. It is a sensitive issue and provocative enough as a democracy country image for India since I know India is the second democratist country in the world (after US) and what the article tells is a different fact on civil society and democracy in India. I got this article from a forwarded email about a week ago and after did a discussion with the sender, I post the article here. Hope I will get comparison perspective and fact, especially from a reader from India.

Please leave your comment, opinion, clarification, statement, protest about this article as long as you respect to the net ethics.

Setting India On Fire

Hindu Fascist Violence against Christians,

Muslims, Sikhs and minorities in India

“It is a matter of deep humiliation to confess that we are a house divided against itself;

that we Hindus … regard several million of our own kith and kin as too

degraded even for our touch.”

Mohandas K. Gandhi

BrassTacks, a security and defense analysis think tank based in Islamabad, has released a policy paper on the genocide facing Christians in India. Recent weeks have brought disturbing images from the plight of the Christians. The Hindu terrorist organizations involved are thought to have secret Indian government patronage. Could it be that India is training a ‘Hindu al-Qaeda’? The policy paper is attached in PDF format. Below, you can go through some of these exclusive pictures contained in the BrassTacks report.

Setting India On Fire

Females activists of Durga Vahini, which means the Army of Durga, the women wing of Bajrang Dal, a Hindu terrorist organization are being imparted weapons and sword training at its camps to mount future attacks against Indian religious minorities.)

Setting India On Fire

Please take a hard look at this picture. This is the man – a terrorist of Bajrang Dal, the Hindu al-Qaeda – who with that weapon in his hand had cut open the womb of an Indian Muslim woman in the southwestern state of Gujrat. He took out and slaughtered her unborn baby with this same weapon. He then came out in front of the people proudly announcing what he did. This picture with the weapon having blood on it was published by the India press. Gujrat, India, 2002. More than 2,000 Indian Muslims were butchered and burned alive by the citizens of the world’s largest democracy, in what continues to be the 21st century’s first genocide. [For researchers and scholars, please see INDIA: GENOCIDE NATION]

Setting India On Fire

Indian Hindus beating an Indian Sikh to death after pulling him out of the bus. New Delhi. 1984.

Setting India On Fire

An Indian Sikh burned alive by India’s Hindus in New Delhi. 1984.

Setting India On Fire

One of the churches destroyed by Indian Hindu mobs in the eastern state of Orrissa, September 2008.

Setting India On Fire

This is a church being vandalized sometime in September 2008 in New Delhi.

Setting India On Fire

Another church in Orrissa.

Setting India On Fire

This is not Afghanistan or Somalia. This is the capital of the world’s largest democracy. And this September 2008.

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