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16 January 2009

Virginity Auction: Have Sex for The Highest Bidder

Natalie Dylan will be selling her virginityNatalie Dylan, 22 years old, sell herself virginity for at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch in Nevada. Oh my God! how crazy she is since her virginity auction only to pay her school reason. She will have a sex with with highest bidder only for a night and she will decided which one man she like.

In News Spreadit blog I got an explanation that
she’s been forced to sell herself because her stepfather took out a student loan in her name, so she’s unable to finance her education in master degree.

“I don’t have a moral dilemma with it. Why shouldn’t I be allowed to capitalize on my virginity? I understand some people may condemn me. But I think this is empowering. I’m using what I have to better myself,” she said.
Huff..., how poor she is. If I were a rich man, I will effort to be the highest bidder. Not for have a sex but to make she free of want of money by give her that money and support her to be have a good moral.

This is an information at her virginity auction page:

Natalie Dylan is a college girl from Sacramento CA. Not only does she have a degree in Women's Studies, she is looking to raise money to continue her education and get her master's degree in Psychology so she can practice Family Psychology.

She comes to us here at the bunny ranch with a very special gift, Natalie is a virgin and would like to sell this priceless and rare commodity in a very exclusive and private setting.

One time only she will appear at the bunny ranch and give up her virginity to the highest bidder.

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