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26 February 2009

Young Entrepreneurship for Public Welfare

young enterpreneurshipOne of common problem around the world is the high number of jobless. Not only in developing countries, but developed countries is also face the problem. Especially, after global economic crisis strike out at the middle of last year. Develop a young entrepreneurship spirit among the young people and create a new job field is a solution to reduce the jobless number and to increase the public welfare. In other way, encourage the young people to be young entrepreneur is helpful to reduce, or even to overcome, the jobless.

This effort needs a together initiative to facilitate a finance scheme for micro and small scale entrepreneur since this group has a large number whole the world. This effort is a way in order to empower the young people and to reduce the jobless. With a commitment to support this initiative, hope could to build a relation between the entrepreneur in small  and micro scale that has not an access yet to get a credit or service from the bank.

There are many potential young people in the world to grow, but they are do not have a chance to learn or have the access to the resources. Through this entrepreneurship effort, hope the problem in the young people could solved. Nowadays, this initiative has been begun in Indonesia. The initiative as an alternative to gain public welfare because Indonesia has myriads small scale enterpreneur and also has high number jobless people.  

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