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28 February 2009

You My World, My Heart, My Soul

Playing with children is something that makes my heart feels peace. That why happy full be in beside both of my 5 years son and 3 years daughter. Yes, they are so funny and I love them very much. My son grows to be a handsome boy and his young sister grows up also to be a pretty girls. Now, my son has an interest to learn how to read. Sometime I bought a fresh stuff or related children books for him and then his mother will teach him at home how to read well. I register him to read course for kids as well.

Meanwhile, my lovely daughter is very like to wear a pretty clothing. I look she so glad and happy if I give her a new clothing and she wear it soon. Sometime, I bring them to a toy and game shop and let them to choose what thing game or toy they want as long as suitable and not endanger them physically or mentally.They have make me happy, so I have to make them happy too.

Thanks God, you make me be a fortune father. They always be in my heart and I will never let them feel sad and grow without their parent careness. I will do the best in my live for "my world, my heart, my soul" children. They are my best whatever I have ever in my life. Keep grow my children, I will be in your inside to hug you with a full love.

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Meryl said...

i love children too...
i remember my niece and nephew wayback home..
looking forward to becoming a mom someday...


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