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04 May 2009

Course Hero: Open Social Learning Network for Student

Building or involve in an open social network, especially for study purposes, is a positive chance. Publishing and share an academic resource each other online for student, self learner, educators by their self are new perspective in open social network. Course Hero as an open coursework website is the place where you may join and involve.

In Course Hero, you may find or share academic related resource from other member. Many topics available, such as material related to University of Michigan, PHYSIC 240. It means, by become a member of Course Hero you may get a PHYSICS 240 Textbook Solution or share it to other member if you have. To learn more about this network, it is better to visit their website at

To involve there, you must have a FaceBook account because the site uses the FB for their member to share document and learn each other. If you don’t have a FB account, Course Hero have not another means to enable you to access and view document. So, if you sure Course Hero is valuable for you, simply sign up into FB first or click the FB button at their site and join with other member.

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