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19 May 2009

Facebook was Hacked Last Thursday

Hackers established an attempt on Facebook's two hundred million users on last Thursday, with success collecting passwords of many of them in the latest agitate to prey on members of the favorite social networking web site. Facebook enounced on Thursday that the site was in the process of cleanup harm from the attack. Facebook said that it was blanking out compromised accounts. Facebook declined to tell how a lot of accounts had been compromised.

The hackers acquired passwords by what are known as a phishing attacks, breaking into accounts of any Facebook members, and then mailing to friends and urging them to click on links to fake websites. Those land site were designed to look like the Facebook home page. The dupes were addressed to log back in to the site, but really logged into the one controlled by the hackers, unwittingly giving away their passwords. The function of such attacks is commonly identify theft and to spread spam. The fake domains include www.151.im, www.121.im and www.123.im. Facebook has erased all references to those URLs.

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