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19 May 2009

Google Amended Policy on AdWords Keyword

Google has amended thems policy about trademarks appearance in keyword advertisements, permitting brand names to show up in AdWords copy. Google will start out accepting new advertisements that bear trademark terms on Friday though the ads won't surface online till June 11. Dan Friedman, a member of the Inside AdWords crew, declared the shift Thursday in a company web log:

In an attempt to better ad quality and user experience, we're adjusting our trademark policy in the U.S. to allow for some advertisements to utilize trademarks in the ad text. This modify will impart Google's policy on trademark use in ad text more in line with the industry measure. Below certain standards, you are able to use trademark terms in your ad text in the U.S. even if you don't own that trademark or have expressed favorable reception of the trademark proprietor to use it. This modification wish help you to produce more narrowly targeted advertisement text that highlights your particular inventory.

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