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21 May 2009

I Have Suspended Some Links

xlinkToday I have suspend some (almost a half) links list at my "Link and Banner Deposit" widget because I got no link (anymore) from those blogs or website to my blog. This is my first inspection since I first manage this blog.

Some links is broken or no exist anymore. Besides, I also corrected some link from my blog to real page that give me a link, not the main page because some blogger display the blogroll not in their homepage. One blogger keep my name exist, but change my blog link to other blog, perhaps it is his own blog. I visited one by one link in my link and banner deposit, check it and leave a message at their shout box. For those who keep my link exist at their blog, I also wrote my grateful.

As you know, the exchange link is only valuable if each other take the link at their blog. This method is useful for SEO and to increase you google page rank where page rank is a indicator of a blog or site popularity. If blog A take a linkback to blog B, then the blog A only get advantage if the blog B take a linkback to blog A at the page where link from blog A coming (usualy at homepage) and it must vice versa. In other case, a broken link will make your blog looks bad by search engine bot/spider.

For those who complain my action above, please write message here. Also, I will to cancel the suspend once the problem is correct by you who have been suspended. I hope all change about backlink for me is noticed to me, it will better for your trust and I will not need extra energy to visit my list one by one.

Welcome back Bhing, I have activated your link again.

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madz said...

Hi Nanang! It's okay for me to link me back to the link where you find yours back in my blog. And thanks for giving me and idea. I think I'll do the same with my blog.

grace said...

hello can we link exchange. thanks for the information. i never knew that. i've got a pagerank 3 before but it suddenly dropped to 0 and i don't knw why. *sigh*

Nanang said...

@madz, take care bro. Wish you success.

@grace, with my pleasure. I will add you first

Nanang said...

@grace, hey your link is broken. But, i can find your url at google. What happen? does your server is down?

Dana Telco said...

Exchange link with me bro.

Ira_cute said...

Hi,Nanang can you exchange link with me, I have added your link in my blog..

Nanang said...

@ira_cute, Thanks to add me. I have added yours too

puzzle said...

Thanks for this information :)

yusa said...

ikut mampir siang2 ni mas..jalan2 sambil istirahat..


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