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12 May 2009

Managing a Virtual Teamwork - Work together in a team should be supported by each other team member to pursue together goal. In manage the team, a team leader role has more essential factor than among other member because the team leader has a responsibility about quality of the work group result. If you a team leader for your team, you must have a leadership to manage your team. All of your direction, decision, power, service, idea and control quality is determined by your leadership quality without reduce yourself or your team membership participation and inclusiveness.

Nowadays, high technology has enabled us to manage a team work virtually. Through internet, you may manage or coordinate your team. It will be a great way if you stay in far distance each other. Basically, however, the leadership role and principles in manage a virtual team is not differs than manage a real team as long as you may use any communication device such as internet.

As a team leader, you should to be a good coordinator, designer and disseminator. But some leadership expert wrote some additional role of a virtual team leader that are tech-net manager and socio-net manager. Reuben Harris, Lipnack and Stamps introduce the above roles, but there is no definition about that. It must be a interested terminology, if you have or know where I could find the definitions, simply tell me please.

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