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30 June 2009

Web Directory is Good for SEO

Web Directory is Good for SEOWayoi.com - In search engine optimization (SEO) there are some things you can do to increase the visitor traffic to your site to be high. Common ways are used by SEO practitioners are to optimize their site from inside and from the outside of the sites (web/blog). The way from site itself are to select keyword, title, description, anchor text, the script is neat, gave an alternative text in the image, inserting H1, H2 and H3 in the texts, and others. Expertise of a webmaster more challenged to optimization their site in this one technique because it is difficult enough.

Meanwhile, the way from the outside is to get outbound link from another sites. To get the outbound links, webmasters like to exchange links with other sites. This method will be effective when carried out with sites that have the same topic and use the right anchor text. Other way is by involve in an ads program or pays others to put a link to their site, in the post or the particular parts of a site.

Another way is to insert a link to a web directory that exists. Among the directory that is free and there is also paid web directory. For example, a free web directory is DMOZ. As a SEO, you certainly know that web directory. While for the paid web directory is an example is Yahoo Directory. Well, among the ways that I mentioned above, which one do you not apply?

One thing you should note that in utilizing a directory to put your site is make sure that the directory is a SEO friendly directory because this will affect the visitor traffic to your site later. In general, a business web directory is pay attention in this matter. One of the characteristics of business web directory is the review of the visitor directory is provided. Web directory with visitor features such review would be better for optimization for your sites.

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