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01 July 2009

My six years experience with MAIL.COM

I first registered to about six year ago (2003) when my friend refer it to me as an alternative email with free to choose what domain I want. Until now I have four email account there with different domain (,, and for different purpose. The is my first email domain and the three later is registered about four and one year ago.

The flexibility to choose what domain do I need is the key why I choose this one free email account provider. I have ever forgotten my account there for more than six months at the end 2006 and come back in 1st May 2007. Surprise ... my account did not delete by system although I miss my come in email in mailbox. Mail.Com welcome we with an email entitled "Welcome Back" and explain the consequences that I have to accept. Never mind, it did not too serious he he he.

As long as 6 years use it's services, I feel together it's innovation, improvisation and kind of services update time to time. Email move and delete process run so smooth without loading process. It does not waste my time.
It's basic services are:

1. Define your e-mail signature that will automatically be appended to all e-mail you send from your account
2. Setup and control vacation responses or automatic reply messages sent from your e-mail account.
3. Receive e-mail from up to five external e-mail accounts in your Inbox. 4. Prevent unwanted e-mail in your account and setup filters to help you manage your e-mails
5. Organize Your E-mail
6. Customize your personal preferences
7. Change your password in order to maintain security for your account.

My conclusion is, the best things of is the flexibility for user to choose suitable domain. It serves many kind of domain for user such as profession, city, country etc. Feel free to choose what domain do you want for your email. With free to opt the domain, it will make your email seem so professional. You may also download it's email alert application :)

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