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09 August 2009

No More Terrorisme Please!

No More Terrorisme Please!Since yesterday, the Indonesian people saw the television reports about the latest police attack to a house in Central Java Temanggung, that suspected of hiding station of terrorist group that led by Noordin M Top.

From the information that I follow, Noordin M Top most likely killed in the attack, but police have not yet dare to declare the death of Noordin before the DNA test. At the same time, police also attacked another house in Tangerang West Java and killed two terrorists.

Me as very ordinary people with the hope that this successful attack, terrorism in action Indonesia will be stop. I want to live quietly with the people I love. I want people who have different opinions can act more humane because I Indonesia is democratic enough and accommodative in the differences. Civil must stop to be terrorist target and violence. How about you?

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