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16 August 2009

Make Money While Promoting Your Blog

Make Money While Promoting Your BlogBlogging is not only developed into a hobby on the internet, but has also evolved into a source of income for anyone. Many opportunities to make money out of blogging activities, one of which is joined in the blogger community and get revenue sharing from the ads that appear on each post of the blogger. For those who Blogging for Money, this kind of earning opportunity should be used.

One of the community sites that provide revenue sharing for its members is YouSayToo. YouSayToo is an ad Revenue Sharing community for Bloggers. You can get revenue from the post that you write in your blog or write directly on your YouSayToo account. If you already have a blog, you can register it there. Each post in your blog will appear in YouSayToo, and any ads that appear with the post will have 50/50 of split revenue if clicked by a visitor.

The existence of this site community will answer your questions about How to Make Money Blogging. For me, YouSayToo also function as a place to promote my blog. If you also want to promote your blog while make money, YouSayToo is the best choice. But there are other options for you if you are a philantropist, you can donate your revenue for social purposes. Now, it is time for you to decide to join there if you have already understand enough. If not, learn more about YouSayToo at their site.

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