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01 September 2009

Bing and Illegal Pharmaceutical Advertising

Bing - Microsoft tries to better its tightening system in receiving pharmaceutical advertising. This is because the number of fake pharmaceutical ads that display or illegal in Bing paid advertising program. Microsoft can benefit from paid advertising, but consumers are faced with risks. For Bing, the effort is of course to enhance their credibility for pharmaceutical information seekers on the Internet.

Rogue online pharmacies sell a wide range of medications, from the sleep aid Ambien to the muscle relaxant Soma and the erectile dysfunction treatments Viagra and Cialis. The NABP lists only 18 certified and recommended online drugstores at its Web site, while more than 3,800 are non-compliant and not recommended.

Bing may learn from the Overture (Yahoo advertising program) is pressed out in various ways by legal pharmaceutical advertising boycott of Yahoo because Yahoo receive advertising from false or illegal pharmacies. This incident happened in 2003 ago. Now, efforts to eradicate illegal and counterfeit pharmaceuticals that operating a lot of on the internet also need to netter participation. With this participation, the Bing efforts or earlier by Yahoo Overture and Google Adwords can be more effective

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