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26 August 2009

Google Has Restored My Blog's PR

updated the page rankLast week Google has updated the page rank. The result, my blog got some impact. There are rising and there is burned. This blog include to blogs that lost its PR from 3 to 0, oh no! I have lost many opportunities to earn money from this blog.

I've done repairs on several factors that I think the reason why this blog PR fall. Among broken outbound links, nonreciprocal from other blogs. Furthermore also requested reconsideration from Google through Google Webmaster tools. Not only for this blog, but also to other blogs that got bad PR.

The result, this blog still does not return to PR as before, but one of my blog is returned after I requested the reconsideration. That blog starts off with a PR 2, and then when it updated yesterday dropped to 0 (even, the PR bar was not active at all). Now been returned to PR 2. Google has restored my blog's PR.

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Dana said...

congrats for your other blog. I hope this blog is restored too.

Anak SD said...

That's strange, my blog haven't restored its pagerank after reconsideration. Can you give me an example of reconsideration statement you have sent to Google? Please tell me, Frelia si Anak SD yang mukanya jelek kayak kepiting rebus......
Please visit me back^^

Nanang said...

I have forgoten what did I write, but at glance I told that I did not done something wrong such as black or blue SEO, keyword farm, etc. Not all request consideration granted. You can see this blog, I have requested the consideration, but no change for PR. Also, no reply message from google.


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