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12 September 2009

The Values of Human Life

The Values of Human LifeTo live a life need a values as a direction. Social interaction is alive based on the values in collectivity that balance each other. Without values, social life would be chaotic and uncivilized. Your current living and interacting with others is determined by the value that affect you. The better values do you have, the more wise your life. This not about price or measure of material, but about the wisdom in a human life.

Any person may hold different values but it is normal. As evil and good, positive and constructive value for the civilization will always be faced with a value of destructive and negative.

There are people who recognize the values that affect their lives and some are not. Whether we realize it or not, each life necessarily reflect those values. If you respect the democracy, that means there is democracy value in you. If you respect the differences and diversity of each other, that means there is value of pluralism in yourself. And so on.

Other positive values that I know is justice, volunteerism, religious, gender equality and justice, accountability, participatory, transparent, proportional and others.

Please hold the value of life what you hold. If you hold a negative value, the your social environment will refuse it by itself, and vice versa. Note however that not all resistance values by the community because the values that you use or bring is negative, it usually is because of the refusal to maintain stability there and there was a small group of people who would take the benefit. So when the new positive value entry, a small group of people who hold a negative value of tradition was threatened.

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NURA said...

salam sobat
ada AWARD sederhana untuk NANANG,,mohon diterima ya,,di blog NURANURANIKU.
sahabat di ALJUBAI.S.A,

rifai said...

good article, the question of what value is obtained? if only relying on mind? or we must have a reference for a more values are universal and holistic.

nanang_es said...

@rifai --> Positive values already exist in every religion and local wisdom throughout the world. When examined more deeply, values that exist in religion and local wisdom contains values that are universal and holistic.

susan said...

nice posting..

Anonymous said...

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you have no contact details on your site.

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Nanang said...

Paul, my contact detail for current situation is +627517990883. I and my family ok.

We need much help from all of you around the world. Please help us. If you want more detail about information, please contact me.


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