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02 October 2009

Earthquake in Padang, West Sumatera Indonesia

When the earthquake happened (30/9), I was still working in the office, an NGO in Padang, West Sumatera Indonesia. The earthquake which occurred suddenly makes me panic because the strength that I never felt my life. All the way to home, I saw many buildings that collapsed. Victims were evacuated from the building, but can not be taken to the nearest hospital because the highway is very solid. I saw panic city. All vehicles spilling on the road to higher areas, causing traffic jams everywhere. People are also fleeing with his family to higher areas or hills. Everything was afraid if the tsunami will come. The children were crying.

Until last night, electricity is still off. Communication was limited to the outside world, the city became isolated. I myself can only access the internet last night. Ambulance sirens and fire engines were heard wailing in the streets.

Since shortly after the quake, people buy groceries in large quantities. Today, many shops still closed, so that some needs can be more difficult.

Rain since after the earthquake until yesterday afternoon added to the dark night made things very tense town.
Evacuation continues in several locations. Crowded hospitals visited by citizens of the city to find their families who are not known to exist. I saw the bodies on the floor in a body bag.

I think the recovery process will take quite a long time because of damage and casualties very wide. We need help from all over the world.

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