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02 October 2009

Earthquake strikes Padang, West Sumatera

This is my first opportunity to online since the quake hit the city yesterday afternoon and neighborhood. Alahmdulilah my neighbor kindly to on his generator sets, so that I can fill hp laptop battery (for emergency modem) so I can be online.

Two nights is like my experience in Banda Aceh at the end of 2004, electricity dies because many broken electrical wires, no public water because many burst pipes caused by the earthquake. Residents began queuing at the existing fuel station, basic need difficult to obtain. many people exodus out of town, especially to Jakarta. Telkomsel signal disappeared since the earthquake happened. Flexi and XL only that still works (because I wear them). Esia and Indosat reportedly can also serve. Esia I see open free phone service in the park free phone rs M Jamil, right on the corner of the building and an outpatient clinic that had collapsed.

This afternoon, I still had time to go sightseeing. Charge the battery at in XL Mobile that stand-by in front of City Hall pastures were damaged heavily. Crowded citizens turn in line to fill their mobile Battery. I myself and a few others with their own initiative bringing round cable roll there.

Evacuation continues today in some location as reported on TV. Several fires are still leave as many the fire so the fire department fleet is limited to determining priorities which must be extinguished first.

In M Jamil hospital, bodies in the evacuation continues success brought an ambulance to arrive. They take at  a floor of a building. Three times I went there. Last completed earlier sunset. The bodies that have not taken the family began to smell because most of their pathetic condition plus wet with rain water. Desert town of rain since the night after the earthquake until this afternoon.

Center officials began comne to Padang (especially Mr. President and entourage), relief via commercial and cargo Hercules TNI's aircraft also flying over the city and landed in the field Minangkabau International Airport. Foreign media kept coming.

I do not know the fate of the family in PARIAMAN since the telephone access is not working. In Pariaman, most areas are reachable only by Telkomsel, while Telkomsel death total since yesterday. Since the quake center close to PARIAMAN, I estimate our house in village has collapse because I still had last talked with my parents when Lebaran yesterday that housing conditions are kept earthquake rocked last few years have seen alarming. Certain parts were cracked.

We apologize for this post is misplaced or less complete posting, I can only share with the world outside the fields. What is certain citizens and the surrounding desert is need assistance from all over the world.

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