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26 July 2010

Learn Forever, Every Time, Every Where

Everyone everywhere will definitely want to always learn, whatever it is the lesson. From a kid until the parents were still always wanted to learn. Learning not only be done at school, but learned can also be done when and wherever we are. Besides learning not only in the form of textbook learning alone but we can also learn from what we experience or learn from the policy advice they have given us.

Currently always been considered easy to learn for some circles. There are some people who already have a decent life but wasted their education. They always dissipate, do not want to learn and think little learning. But it was not for some people less fortunate, those who always wanted to learn whenever and wherever they are and those who want to go to school but do not have a cost. What to do if people have different ideas for learning.

Indeed there are times when thoughts keep learning course will also be saturated, we also need refreshing the mind to calm him down. But what should be by doing things that are not useful, it is wonderful for us people who have a decent life can learn from people who can not afford. They always wanted to pursue their ambitions despite the conditions that are not possible.

That way we also have learned, that learning from the experiences of others. Learn and always learn is something very good activity. Although we're old but we must always learn and study. Moreover, there is no reason for us as humans to not learn. Learning can make people become wiser. All have been created by god for us to learn and by learning we can become better human beings. Because God also loves the people who always wanted to learn.


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