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01 August 2010

Delayed Success

Delayed Success
When the announcement of the new admissions will be announced all prospective students who enroll in universities so afraid to know the outcome. To determine pass or not, all who sign up can access the websites that have been determined. They can directly go to the cafe, watching from a mobile phone, or from the Internet in their own homes. Since the announcement of new students this time faster than its provisions, so that some people who register do not know that the results have been published on the internet.

When viewed the result turns out my sister is not one of those who passed on these exams. Originally sad, but that did not pass not only her, there are still many people who are not smart but it also passed the exam. Who passed on too many exams, they were so happy to know the results that they graduate to become a student. But not a little sad when he learned they graduate, there are sad because not enough funds for college and there is also a lack of interest in these majors.

Nevertheless, whatever the reason it is the road to success for those who graduated. Whereas those who do not pass, they must be even harder to find information on how to lecture at the best universities. Information that can be seen from the mass media. They are doing this solely so that they can achieve their success later.
But when others are busy obtain-looking information, many are also those who think to seek information on a job first. Although they still wanted to go, but for them if you already have enough funds if the college will certainly not their parents are too burdensome. That's a good idea for me, but anyway ideals must remain achievable. Because a failure for the people who do not pass this time is only delayed success. So pursue your ambition to achieve your success.

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