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14 February 2012

Contract Marriage: Sex and Money

Contract Marriage, Sex and Money
Temporary marriages or contract marriage are marriages that are only done for the mere gratification and not think about the risk to be faced. Those who do not think length about contract marriage impact to their future. Even they thought it was fiction that only for immediate gratification. But those who do contract marriage is prohibited in some communities or belief. Because contract marriage no more than sex and money.

Pros and cons of the contract marriage is still ongoing at the Puncak of western Java, Indonesia. Until now continues to be debated. Some parties considered such practices are not harmful, because the contract marriage for the woman undergoing economic needs are met. But on the other hand, contract marriage even more harmful to society, because many young women whose age was given in marriage by her parents just to get money.

Generally, a foreign citizen who do the contract marriages in Indonesia comes from the middle east. There are also women who are prepared to be married for temporary from the outposts of the village. Their parents are willing to marry off their children for the foreign people because of the parents of the judge that does not work, just sitting at home, then the child is mated with the goal of at least able to help the family economy.

Moreover, we have heard that person who is brought as a female witness not a real family. In the perception of Islamic law, marriage is for permanent and not temporary, and encouraged to reach the happiness of the whole family. Either spouse or offspring. I believe contract marriages has negative impact for women and got the blame around, and the future of her children who have been right through the process of mating the contract marriage will not receive a clear status before the law.

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