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17 February 2012

Honesty in Life

Honesty in Life
What we know about honesty is a mental attitude which is very hard to find. Today it's hard to find honesty as more people are likely to lie. Many people lie to get money to meet economic needs and power. People who are caught doing lie would get a negative view from people around him. Examples such as investigation of cases of corruption committed by state officials to cover up the deed (s)he did. Now is a scene captured on television news about the witnesses who is also suspected of corruption which is considered to lie by making wrong statements before the trial court.

Lie will also cause misery if we do it to get what we want and harm others. Let's say that honestly, because it was better. Honest also brings us to an abundance of happiness. Sometimes we unknowingly do lie and make us forget ourselves. In fact what we are doing is clearly wrong and there is no point, it can even hurt yourself.

Honest is a symbol of trust, so that in doing all things with our honesty will be appreciated by everyone. People also trust us for what we have done and make ourselves feel no burden of thought. Even be beneficial to our own. But if we do lie, then life will never be quiet. Indeed, it is very difficult to do right, but for people who genuinely do not. For those who believe, surely God gives us a way that gives happiness in life if we live our lives with honesty.

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"always" be honesty in life, that's a KeY....

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Honestly should be a behavior and yet some just choose to settle in lying every time.

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