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04 February 2012

Smart and Humble

smart and humble
Such figures are hard to find everywhere. Few people can be found in this world who feel that although he was smart but do not have the slightest pride in her soul. Especially if they have advantages in terms of material and is not arrogant, would greatly admired by the people around him. Indeed, as this is the type of person who takes the people closest to us.

A simple person here for me is someone who gets along with anyone regardless of their status or where they came from circles. Humility is also someone who is simple and sincere in giving and sciences which they have to others. Although he was smart, it even has an excess of material, but they still are not arrogant. Because there is no point in it fostered arrogant soul within.

I once met someone who always feels simple. Although people around him knew he was smart and excess in terms of material, but he always felt humbled in front of people around him. He always wants to share knowledge with anyone and get along with anyone. This is an exemplary figure to all. Moreover, he also obey the worship, indeed he is worthy of the people as well admired.

The above example could be the one to make us humble before others, even though we feel has the advantages of the person's knowledge. Because the example above is a figure of a person who sought the people on the go. Moreover, this figure is also the character of the dream of every person, we liked and loved by many people and we also could be their role model in the future. Then be a person who has knowledge but always humble before the people around.

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